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Forum Conduct Guidelines

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 9:53 am    Post subject: Forum Conduct Guidelines Reply with quote

We actually prepared this months ago and as is our way, failed to supply it to the membership. You may notice it is essentially the same as the guidelines in the old FAQ, with some of the language updated. This is subject to update at any time.

1. What's the deal with the two forums?
The Classifieds forum is for buying, selling, giving stuff away, finding a ride, roommate or band mate. General Discussion is for everything else. Please do not post the same topic in both forums as it makes extra work for the admins to delete your duplicate thread or move it to the correct forum.

2. Can I post a funny picture that contains nudity/gore/other questionable material?
If you are asking yourself this question about a particular image, the answer is probably no. A lot of users look at Giraffecycle from their school or place of employment. Please keep this in mind when you're posting images and have respect for other users. If you must post a NSFW image, please post it under a spolier tag with a brief description of why it may not be appropriate for all users.

3. Why were my private messaging privileges taken away?
If you use private messages to harass, pester, spam, or otherwise annoy other users, you will be disallowed from using PM's, period. Your privileges may be restored at a later time at the discretion of an administrator.

4. What behaviour(s) will get me banned from the forum?
All we ask is for you to behave in a respectful manner toward other users and the admins. However, any of the following behaviors could result in having your user account being deactivated:

• posting exclusively to start drama (trolling)
• making other users uncomfortable by using extremely violent or crass language and/or posting images as addressed in 1.2
• starting malicious threads and/or harassing other users
• hate speech (this includes any comments or images which could be interpreted as racist, sexist, homophobic, et. al.)
• disrespecting other users or administrators with personal attacks unrelated to the content of their posts. This is not to be confused with criticism of someones ideas.

This list of offences is somewhat vague, and it is that way for a reason. The admins run this site and they are entitled to use their discretion when they decide to close or remove a thread, deactivate a user's account, etc. Unless the circumstances are extreme, you account won't be deactivated right away. You may receive a warning or have your posting and PM rights limited. Obvious trolling may result in an immediate ban.

5. Why can't I say anything I want on the forum?
Giraffecycle is privately owned and operated. Think of it as a social club for friends. The admins are interested in Giraffecycle remaining a comfortable place for the majority of its users and the administrators.

6. Dude, I have the best ideas for making the site way more awesome. Who can I talk to about making these changes?
Absolutely contact one of the admins directly by PM or email if you have a suggestion for the website or forum. It's usually best not to start a new thread about these subjects, but if you do, expect to receive input you may or may not be interested in from the forum at large.

7. Can I have more than one forum account?
Nope. It gives the admins a wedgie when users have multiple accounts, so please don't sign up more than once. If you do and we find out, we will give you a warning and deactivate the one with the least number of posts. If it happens again, you'll get the boot.

8. I disagree with something outlined in the FAQ. What can I do to make you guys see things my way?
As always, contact one of the admins if you have concerns about the forum or any aspect of the site. Keep in mind Giraffecycle has been around since 1999 and a lot has been learned over the years as to what works and what doesn't regarding keeping our users happy. That stated, we are in constant evolution and happy to receive your feedback.

9. Who are the current moderators/administrators?
Currently the forum administrators are chuck teed, Adam, & kellymaraschino

Other site administrators are listed with their positions on the Contact Us page.
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