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New Brunswick Election

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fuzzy dice

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 06, 2014 11:25 pm    Post subject: New Brunswick Election Reply with quote


The other night I was watching CBC News and Dominic Hardy of the NDP party was being interviewed by Harry Forstell. I kinda liked what I was hearing. I was intrigued by this guy and his ideas. Usually I have voted Liberal, but after Shawn Graham, I have had enough.
So I am noticing there are lots of lawn signs in my neighborhood for Michael Butler, Liberal, or Trevor Holder, PC. There is also lots of signs up at the busier intersections in my riding for those two, but there are no NDP signs up.
So today I got a bit of time and I Google the NB NDP site to find out who my candidate is. Well along the way, I also found some other interesting info.
The NDP party is running Kelly Lamrock as a candidate in Fredericton. WTF!! My memory is probably not the best but he was the worst thing that ever happened to the provincial Liberals. Every lame brain Liberal scheme seemed to originate with Kelly Lamrock. The plans to change the French Immersion program, the plan to change UNBSJ to a technical school. the plan to sell NB Power to Quebec, all seemed to originate with Kelly Lamrock, and now the NDP is running him as a candidate! WTF!!
Also, they are running Abe Leblanc in Saint John! Holy Crap! What are they thinking. The man is a throw back to the 1950`s. Any woman that ever heard him speak would never vote for him. The only thing he is known for is giving the finger in the Legislature. The man does not know enough English to express himself, he has to resort to giving the finger. Surely to God, there has to better choices than these two has beens!
Back to my original mission, to find the NDP candidate for Portland Simonds. Looks like it is Tony Sekulich. He is also the Communications guy for the NDP! Really! Communications! If that is the case, why haven`t I heard his name or seen his picture in my neighborhood. There seems to be a definite lack of communication from this candiitate. Between Google, Facebook and Linkedin, it looks like this guy might actually live in Fredericton. Well, that is okay. It also looks like he has a riding office over east. Well, the wife and I are heading east today so I am thinking I would like to stop in at Ridge Street and get some literature and maybe meet this guy. So we drive up and down Ridge Street we could not find his office. There were no signs and no office. Maybe he is working out of a phone booth.
How can the NDP expect to taken seriously as a viable alternative to running this province when they are struggling to run a decent campaign.
Despite all of this, I am still leaning towards voting for this mystery man, more as a protest vote that anything. Perhaps the couple hundred votes the NDP gets in this riding will persuade them to field a candidate that is more engaged in future elections.
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