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Fix: Xbox Series X headset not working

Regarding Microsoft’s recently released Xbox Series X consoles, they are quite potent and can drive games at higher framerates and display resolutions. Unfortunately, neither the Xbox consoles nor the gaming devices themselves are completely problem-free. On rare occasions, you may find that your Xbox Series X headset is malfunctioning for no apparent reason. Now, if […]

(2022) How to Eat in SCP 3008 Roblox (PC, Mobile, Xbox)

Roblox is a fun game that can be played on both PCs and mobile devices such as iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, and Mac OS X. On this website, you may play a variety of games. Here you’ll find everything you’re seeking for in terms of adventure and fulfillment. Roblox is a popular online gaming platform […]

The Best Yordle Comp & Strategies in TFT – In-Depth Guide

The time has come to talk about tinny little creatures, called The Yordles! These creatures have found their way in the TFT all the way from the fields of Runterra. As sweet as they are, Little Yordles are very dangerous and can do some serious harm.  Some of them have stayed after patch 6.5, and […]

Fix: Xbox Series S headset not working

The Xbox Series S is the current generation of gaming, and people all around the world are still purchasing their own consoles. If you’re a player who has jumped headfirst into the current generation, you might be wondering how to connect your current headphones to your new system. By maintaining its gamer-centric stance on backward […]

Top 7 Best Gaming DAC & AMPs in 2022

Gaming DAC and AMPs are devices that allow you to listen to music and play video games, and they’re often necessary for the best sound quality when gaming.  DACs are an excellent choice for gaming because they boost your sound signal, giving you more power than your motherboard’s audio. You’ll enjoy better audio quality with […]

Fix: ‘there was a problem with the update’ Xbox One

Your Xbox One should always be updated to the most recent software. Some Xbox One systems may have trouble with the update installation process or may not be able to update at all. Since its inception in 2001, the Xbox console series has seen a remarkable evolution, culminating in the Xbox Series. However, there are […]