Author: 5ob4l

My Skill is People So I Built a Voice Talent Marketplace

Starting was definitely a lightbulb moment. In fact, I call it the “aha” moment. The question my wife and co-founder Stephanie and I asked each other was this: what if we could build an online marketplace that brought together buyers and sellers of voice overs? We always viewed ourselves as connectors, so running an […]

Providing Access to Hidden Travel Prices so That You Can Travel More

The Travel Secret gives you access to pricing on travel that is not available to the public. Once you become a member, you get access to our platform where you can book hotels, cars, cruises, flights, vacation rentals, homes, activities and even travel insurance at a discount. We also have access to unused timeshare inventory […]

Starting a Private Tour Company in San Francisco

The idea arose after working in the tour industry as a guide for several years. Especially as wifi and technology has become more ubiquitous and the world’s screen time has gone up, I noticed the overall pleasure from tours for clients had gone down. Why is that? Are we too addicted to our technology to […]

Teaching Young Ones to Love Math Through Culinary Experiments

Dr. Ashie Bhandiwad, the founder of StemChef, officially started her company two and half years ago. The philosophy is delivered to kids in a highly interactive and engaging Escape Room. Kids are given a challenge based on different themes and they solve puzzles while collecting clues to different science concepts. They use the scientific learning […]

How I Created a Trusted Money Transfer Provider with 100,000+ users

We started off the back of wider ambitions that I had for the fintech industry back in early 2019. I had always felt that with my work I wasn’t fulfilled and that I wanted to have purpose and a reason for working, something greater than myself, believing that I could help make the world a […]

How I Built A Web Development Company From Scratch and Scaling It

It goes back to the year 2009, I was about to complete my degree in Computer Science and just like many others I was drafting my cover letter for interviews. But I was not enthusiastic about getting hired for a full-time job. It was the entrepreneurial bug that was holding me to do that. So […]

How I Worked My Way to Running DC’s Top Spot for Japanese Comfort Food

Hiro Mitsui is the Executive Chef & Founder of Ramen by Uzu which is famous in Washington, D.C. His unique takes on Japanese staples made his business a huge success in states. Ramen by Uzu was opened in D.C.’s Union Market in 2017 after Hiro’s string of jobs in kitchens. It is where he learned […]

How I Built a Company that Earns Doubled Revenue Year Over Year

Ryan Hogan is a co-founder of Hunt A Killer, the makers of the popular mystery, sci-fi and horror themed games. Since the company was founded in 2016, it has experienced incredible growth. Currently, the company has sold over one-million boxes, built a community of more than 100,000 subscribers, doubled revenue year over year, and has […]

How We Built a Kitchenware Company with a Great Product & Great Timing

My name is Jonathan, and I’m the CEO of a new kitchenware company called Abbio. We launched in Sept 2019, and we are growing 100% month over month with no outside financing. We have the foundation of an amazing product and team. And we are the recipients of very good luck with our timing. While […]