Polish Leader OKs Judiciary Law Changes Deemed Insufficient

Polish Leader OKs Judiciary Law Changes Deemed Insufficient

Polish President Andrzej Duda has signed legal regulations to replace controversial judges from the discipline organization with a new responsibility committee to persuade the European Union to release billions of euros into fixed pandemic funds. On the political control of Poland of the judiciary.

Duda signed law changes on Monday evening, said her office.

They are largely considered superficial and continuous political control over judges, which is a major collision point between Warsaw and Brussels, leading to fines for Poland and the suspension of the Coronavirus recovery funds.

EU director-general, Ursula von der Leyen, warned that no Money would be disbursed if Poland failed to reach the “milestones” by granting judicial independence: abolish the disciplinary Chamber, rewrite its rules, and Allow judges sanctioned or suspended by the Chamber of the Chamber to have their cases examined.

DUDA wrote the modifications to remove the disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court, which was used to sanction frank judges. It will be replaced by a new body of responsibility appointed by the president.

Only one of the many disciplined judges for criticizing government actions in the justice sector has been reinstated but was appointed to another court section and sent to leave.

Last week, the European Parliament criticized Von der Leyen by centrist legislators after the European Commission, the EU executive body.

Pandemic recovery plan accepted under condition, opening the possibility of disbursement of dedicated funds, totaling around 36 billion euros ($39 billion). The legislators argued that the decision was premature because Poland did not address the conditions of the EU.

The disciplinary Chamber cost Poland. The European Court of Justice has inflicted a fine in Poland, a record of 1 million euros per day, for failing to dismantle it.

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