Top 7 Best Nanoleaf Alternatives in 2022 (Expert Picks)

Previously known as Nanoleaf Aurora light panels, Nanoleaf light panels have become the standard effect that gamers and online streamers use. They are triangular lighting panels that allow users to connect and customize them in several ways. The essence is to create a personal lighting experience that fits your home or personal mood.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks for the best Nanoleaf alternatives in 2022!


Best Overall

Nanoleaf Canvas WiFi Smart RGB 16M+ Color LED Dimmable Gaming and Home Decor Wall Lights Starter Kit (9 Panels)

Runner Up

Yescom APP Control Hexagon Light 11 Pack Smart WIFI LED Panels Creative Lamp 16 Million Colors Music Sync Work with Alexa & Google for Bedroom Gaming Rooms

Budget Pick

ODISTAR Remote Control Hexagon Wall Light,Smart Wall-Mounted Touch-Sensitive DIY Geometric Modular Assembled RGB led Colorful Light with USB-Power,Used in Bedroom,Living Room Decoration (6-Pack)

Best Overall


Nanoleaf Canvas WiFi Smart RGB 16M+ Color LED Dimmable Gaming and Home Decor Wall Lights Starter Kit (9 Panels)


Nanoleaf Canvas WiFi Smart RGB 16M+ Color LED Dimmable Gaming and Home Decor Wall Lights Starter Kit (9 Panels)

Runner Up


Yescom APP Control Hexagon Light 11 Pack Smart WIFI LED Panels Creative Lamp 16 Million Colors Music Sync Work with Alexa & Google for Bedroom Gaming Rooms


Yescom APP Control Hexagon Light 11 Pack Smart WIFI LED Panels Creative Lamp 16 Million Colors Music Sync Work with Alexa & Google for Bedroom Gaming Rooms

Budget Pick


ODISTAR Remote Control Hexagon Wall Light,Smart Wall-Mounted Touch-Sensitive DIY Geometric Modular Assembled RGB led Colorful Light with USB-Power,Used in Bedroom,Living Room Decoration (6-Pack)


ODISTAR Remote Control Hexagon Wall Light,Smart Wall-Mounted Touch-Sensitive DIY Geometric Modular Assembled RGB led Colorful Light with USB-Power,Used in Bedroom,Living Room Decoration (6-Pack)

What is the best Nanoleaf alternative?

Interestingly, these panels produce the ambiance and effect you desire. However, because of how expensive they can be, there are several alternatives in the market. In this article, we will explore some of the best Nanoleaf alternatives you would find on Amazon. If you think you don’t require a Nanoleaf panel for your home, here are a few reasons for you to reconsider.

Benefits of Nanoleaf Panels

Highly customizable

You can easily customize the panels to fit or form any shape and design of your choice. With the latest Nanoleaf alternative, they are available in various shapes such as triangles and hexagons.

Immersive Lighting experience

Nanoleaf panels create an immersive lighting experience that allows you to create any effect of your choice. They usually have a full spectrum of 16 million colors.


Another benefit of Nanoleaf products is their reliability and long life span. For instance, a Nanoleaf light can last up to 3 years.


  • Easy to program
  • Works excellently with any smart home
  • Unlimited tile connections

  • App has some glitch
  • Highly expensive

The first Nanoleaf alternative we considered the best overall is the Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit. It features Rhythm Module with a 16.8m color range. Although it offers numerous features, it is quite expensive for most people but is responsive to touch. It comes with several connector options that allow you to make different shapes.

It doesn’t matter if you want to disguise your light tiles as a traditional tile wall; the Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit makes it easy. Nanoleaf Canvas uses the Nanoleaf WIFI app, which allows you to program the panel colors.

You can create different lighting scenes for connected panels or individually. Interestingly, you can program the color to change color to whatever time of the day. If you love waking up to an energizing light, the app allows you to do that.

Canvas comes with a tape that holds the lights strongly to the wall. It is securely held so that the tiles don’t move if you place them correctly. However, if you won’t live in that home forever, this can be a significant issue. Therefore, using the hanging method to place the tiles doesn’t create a straightforward cord management system. So, you need to find ways to organize the cable not to mess with your design.

Due to the uniqueness of the Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit, the lights are costly. Additionally, you can’t have all the features without breaking the bank. Besides this, Canvas is an excellent alternative to consider when you want to buy Nanoleaf.

Why is this the best Nanoleaf alternative?

Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit is the best Nanoleaf alternative because of its unique features, including the Rhythm Upgrade Module with inbuilt sound sensors, which automatically pick up audio. Furthermore, you can customize animations and colors using the Nanoleaf Smarter Series App. Additionally, you can opt to use the manual controller or voice control (Amazon Alexa, OK Google, or Siri).


  • Voice command available
  • Auto brightening
  • It can be used as a lamp
  • Energy efficient
  • Compatible with smart home
  • Cheap alternative to Nanoleaf

  • Can only connect 10 blocks once
  • It might be small for certain people

If you want quality light for your home or need something to enhance your online streaming, Yescom 11Pack Wi-Fi Smart LED Light kit is a decent option to consider. This Nanoleaf alternative is your best budget-friendly and energy-efficient light.

What distinguishes it from other Nanoleaf lights is the auto-brightening features. For instance, when you open your room door, the Yescom light illuminates. You don’t need any light switch to activate the light. Additionally, it also works with any smart home system, built-in switch, or app.

While there are several ways to set the light patterns, an easier approach is using the app. Additionally, you can leverage the smart home hub to run the established color modes via the Yescom tiles. Through this, it eliminates the fuss that comes with the clunky app. However, if you want to create an expansive light wall, you might want to consider another option because Yescom is not the best choice.

While other Nanoleafs allow you to connect more than 10 tiles, that is impossible with the Yescom tiles. Nevertheless, if you want to connect more than 10 tiles, you need to have a second or third power source. The Yescom tiles don’t have any power block, except a power cord. In case you use a charge port or power block without sufficient power, the tiles will flicker when in use.


  • USB power supply
  • Touch-sensitive
  • Compatible with other products

While you have several alternatives to Nanoleaf, the ODISTAR remote control Hexagon Wall Light offers different modes besides the 13 monochrome modes available. It provides fast-change mode, slow-change mode, brightness adjustment mode, monochrome flash mode, and a timing function. Interestingly, it is easy to switch from one mode to another through the remote control.

Another intriguing feature is the USB power supply that allows users to connect the wall panel to a power bank, a PC, or a laptop. You won’t have any issues since the instruction is straightforward. If you have any device with a USB, the power supply can fit properly. Furthermore, the ODISTAR remote Control Hexagon Wall Light is touch-sensitive. By simply tapping the center, you can change each panel color.

The unique geometric and minimalist design not only illuminates your room it also helps beautify your home. You can easily combine the ODISTAR Nanoleaf with other Nanoleaf to create your choice’s best suitable internal structure. Additionally, you can use it in your restaurant, study, bedroom, living room, or hotel. So if you feel attached to a particular product, you can easily combine it with the ODISTAR Nanoleaf.

Finally, if you don’t want to spend much on Nanoleaf and thinking of a budget-friendly light, the ODISTAR Remote Control Hexagon Wall Light is the best option today.


  • Contains more panels compared to other products
  • Nanoleaf product
  • The lights react to the music rhythm

  • High price tag
  • Non-touch reactive
  • Available only in a triangular shape

It is hard to consider the Nanoleaf – Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit an alternative to Nanoleaf because it is a top-quality product that deserves the top position. One of the remarkable features of this Nanoleaf is its ability to pair with an Alexa device for voice control. Not many Nanoleaf lights have this unique feature that gives you control through voice.

Additionally, the Nanoleaf – Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit isn’t really an alternative to Nanoleaf since it is a product from the Nanoleaf family. It comes with an expansion pack that allows you to extend your wall panel design whenever you have spare money to spend.

If you think that is all the Nanoleaf – Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit has, then you are not ready for something extraordinary because the pack comes with 15 panels. However, the starter kits only have a maximum of 9 panels. Well, it also means you have to pay more to enjoy these benefits. The Nanoleaf Rhythm allows you to create a stunning audiovisual light and is mountable using the adhesive pads that come with it.

We consider the Nanoleaf Rhythm as our premium pick for the best Nanoleaf alternatives on Amazon.


  • Very cheap
  • 180 auto-changing color mood
  • Wide compatibility
  • Environmental friendly
  • Highly dimmable

  • Available only in a triangular shape
  • Currently unavailable

If you want an alternative to Nanoleaf, Benexmart Smart LED light Panels light is the answer. We consider it one of the best alternatives because it is also cheaper compared to other Nanoleaf options. It appears similar to a jigsaw puzzle with a fun and entertaining way to brighten your gaming room with unlimited layouts.

The Benexmart app allows you to control the vivid color schemes and responds to music. With a simple press of a button, you can select different color modes to suit your mood. However, when using the music mood, the light responds to the frequency of the song you choose.

Nevertheless, the Benexmart software may not have the advanced feature that Nanoleaf has; you can still select up to 180 auto-changing color modes. Additionally, it allows you to choose several solid colors that fit your mood. Furthermore, you can’t choose the color of a particular tile.

The smart light panel comes in a simple shape, making it easier for beginners to install. Furthermore, the low voltage and environmental protection of the light make it safe for children. You can use it to decorate your bedroom, party, home, commercial building, corridor, stairwell, workshop, concert, café, etc.


  • Sound activated
  • Lights are customizable and dimmable
  • Several ways to control the light

  • Not suitable for all wall types because of its size

The Koozam Smart Wall Led Light panels allow you to activate it using sound, unlike the Nanoleaf  – Rhythm Edition that reacts to the music beat. The colors change and dance to the music tune as you use it.

What makes the Koozam Smart Wall Led Light stand out is the ability to use several ways to control the panel. You can use voice (through Google assistant or Alexa), mobile app, or touch. Another option is to use the remote control that comes with the light panel. You can easily connect up to 1024 panel pieces without any complications.

In addition, the light boosts the ambiance of your room as it brings a whimsical charm to your home. The flexibility to choose any color that suits your mood is pretty amazing. Whether you are hosting a party with your friends or family, the light allows you to create a mood that suits the environment. If you want a more soothing color to unwind and relax, the choice is yours.

The tiles are all available in triangular shapes, which allows you to customize them. Let your imagination run wild as you design whatever designable. You are the artist, and the lights are your masterpiece.


  • Affordable
  • Usable as a lamp
  • Has magnetic merging

  • Bigger and thicker
  • Only uses a USB cord

We consider the SELFILA Hexagon a great Nanoleaf alternative because you can convert it to a lamp. Not many lights have this feature that allows you to get the same wall light vibe on your bedside or table.

Although the original Nanoleaf can adjust to the music rhythm, the SELFILA RGB lights enable you to adjust the light to suit your ambiance or mood. For instance, a multi-color effect for your party or a cozy and quiet ambiance when reading. You can freely adjust the effect to different environments while adding the music of your choice.

Additionally, you can create unique layouts and design the panels to any shape of your choice. With this, you can add that amazing look you desire to your room. Indeed, the SELFILA Hexagon is an incredible and impressing light décor for your bar, concert, studio, bedroom, party, home, or commercial buildings.

Price-wise, the light is affordable and an excellent option to consider since it is budget-friendly. You don’t need any installation software or app to get started. Simply touch the center of the panel to change the light mode. However, to turn it off, you have to long-press the button. The magnetic edges connect the lights as you form whatever structure that fits your interior.


Nanoleaf panels are both artistic and innovative when lit up in your room. They come in independent designs with impressive high-tech features. Besides their incredible look, they also enhance your experience and beautify your home. It doesn’t matter if you want to spend hours working or gaming, Nanoleaf panel lights generate that energizing and mesmerizing effect you need.

While Nanoleaf was the first brand, we have seen the introduction of Nanoleaf alternatives on the market. This article has compiled the best Nanoleaf alternatives on Amazon that you can have without breaking your budget. Interestingly, the Nanoleaf alternatives in this write-up offer unique features and benefits.

Finally, if you feel we left out any Nanoleaf alternative, we do like to hear from you. You can use the comment box to enlist the options you want to add to this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cheaper alternative to Nanoleaf?

Yes, there are several alternatives to Nanoleaf that are cheaper and come with exciting features. In our review of the best Nanoleaf alternatives on Amazon, you can see the different options available for you. Overall, we consider the Nanoleaf Canvas as the best cheapest alternative to Nanoleaf because of its price, Wi-Fi app that allows programming the panel individually, and voice control features.

Are Nanoleaf panels worth it?

While Nanoleaf panels are expensive, they can be worth the purchase if you are a fan of Nanoleaf. Furthermore, Nanoleaf can create the best ambiance you need in your room and get activated using Google voice or Alexa. Additionally, if you still consider whether Nanoleaf panels are worth the investment, think of their reliability. Hardly will the light let you down as it comes with a 25,000-hour battery life. Interestingly, Nanoleaf outlives most lights you might want to buy.

Why are Nanoleaf lights so expensive?

There are several reasons why Nanoleaf lights are costly. The technology used in creating Nanoleaf is very costly and can affect the market price. Furthermore, automated technology, the use of patent technology, and energy-efficient technology come at a high price as well.

Besides this, there are also the material and manufacturing costs of these Nanoleaf lights. Overall, these factors contribute to the overall quality of Nanoleaf lights, which makes them highly expensive.

How long do Nanoleaf panels last?

Since Nanoleaf panels are manufactured from LED bulbs, they have a longer lifespan than standard incandescent bulbs. Usually, most Nanoleaf panels have a life expectancy of 25,000 hours. That would mean they can last up to 3 years if you use them 24 hours every day of the week.

Can you use Nanoleaf without Wi-Fi?

You can easily use Nanoleaf without Wi-Fi. Nevertheless, it depends on the particular Nanoleaf panel you are using. Some Nanoleaf alternative allows you to control the light using a remote control or a touch. For instance, the Nanoleaf Canvas uses remote control, voice, and touch, whereas the Nanoleaf – Rhythm Edition can be used through the manual controller on the panel.

Can you take off Nanoleaf?

To remove the Nanoleaf from the wall, you need to peel one side while pressing the panel firmly against the wall. Furthermore, hold both corners for 30 seconds. However, ensure you leave the tape ends to stick out as it would allow you to take off the Nanoleaf panel safely.

Can you make your own Nanoleaf panels?

Although you can make your own Nanoleaf panel, you need to own a 3D printer. It depends on each individual. If you can print a hexagonal case using the Nanoleaf style, you can attach a smart light strip around the rim. It would create the same effect as the Nanoleaf you see online.

Nevertheless, you might not get the various features most Nanoleaf light has, but you can create something that depicts the style and add ambiance to your bedroom, office, or room. Furthermore, there are YouTube videos you can watch if you think you have the time to invest in creating your own Nanoleaf panels.

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