Valorant Rank Distribution and Players Percentage in 2022

Valorant has found its way among the best first-person shooters available right now, it has performed really well and has gained a huge player base since its release in June 2022. 

We all know that in the gaming community an online multilayer game can never be taken seriously until it has a reliable ranking system, Valorant’s ranked matchmaking was released on June 24, two weeks after the game’s release and until now the ranking system seems quite adequate. 

It is hard to evaluate yourself as a player even with a rank until you don’t know the details of the rank itself, so just stick with us as we unfold Valorant’s ranking system’s distribution rank by rank.

Valorant has a total of 7 main ranks, all ranks are divided into 3 sub-ranks except the last one (Radiant) which gives us a total of 22 ranks in this game.

Understanding the ranking system in Valorant is almost as important as playing it so let’s jump in and find out how the ranking system of Valorant works and how can you use it to your advantage.

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How to Unlock Ranked in Valorant

Valorant’s ranked match-making is locked when you first install the game, your account level needs to reach level 20 before you can start grinding for your rank. 

It may seem a little annoying and unnecessary but playing unranked games to reach level 20 will give you sufficient time to get a hold of the game or maybe an agent or two. 

Once you reach level 20, you can select the ranked game mode from the top of your party, you will have to play 5 placement matches before you are assigned a rank.

Rank Distribution 

There are a total of 7 main ranks in valorant with each of them having 3 sub ranks except Radiant, for example, Diamond is the main rank which is split into Diamond 1, Diamond 2, and Diamond 3. 

To assess yourself as a player you must know the percentage of total players that lie in that rank. Let’s have a deeper look at the rank distribution of this tactical shooter.

Rank Percentage Rank Percentage
Iron 1 3.2 Platinum 1 4.1
Iron 2 4.1 Platinum 2 2.8
Iron 3 6.6 Platinum 3 2.1
Bronze 1 7.5 Diamond 1 1.8
Bronze 2 9.3 Diamond 2 1.3
Bronze 3 9.0 Diamond 3 1.0
Silver 1 10.0 Immortal 1 0.9
Silver 2 8.8 Immortal 2 0.3
Silver 3 8.3 Immortal 3 0.2
Gold 1 7.9 Radiant  0.03
Gold 2 5.9
Gold 3 4.8

27.1% of the ranked player are in the Silver rank, making it the largest rank according to the percentage of player. 

Silver is the 3rd lowest rank in Valorant and yet is more populated than ranks lower than it, this kind of tells you that achieving silver is not the hardest thing in the world and maybe this is the reason many players struggle to find their way out of Silver and into the Gold rank.

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Top Percentage of Players

Top percentage indicates what percentage of top players you are a part of depending on your rank for example if your rank in Platinum 2, you are in the top 10.4% of the players in Valorant, this matrix can truly help you see where you stand as a ranked player.

Rank Percentage Rank Percentage
Iron 1 99.9 Platinum 1 14.5
Iron 2 96.7 Platinum 2 10.4
Iron 3 92.6 Platinum 3 7.6
Bronze 1 86.0 Diamond 1 5.5
Bronze 2 78.5 Diamond 2 3.7
Bronze 3 69.2 Diamond 3 2.4
Silver 1 60.2 Immortal 1 1.4
Silver 2 50.2 Immortal 2 0.5
Silver 3 41.4 Immortal 3 0.2
Gold 1 33.1 Radiant  0.03
Gold 2 25.2
Gold 3 19.3

Ending Thoughts and The Future of Valorant Ranked

Riot Games have come up with a few updates and fixes for the ranked matchmaking in the past few months which have worked really well in balancing the ranked queue but it still has his problems. 

We are not expecting huge changes from in ranked for the coming episodes and Riot is probably gonna focus more on Agent balancing.

Rank is something we all take very seriously when it comes to gaming and it is the only formal indicator of how good a player is but, one should also keep in mind that rank isn’t everything for a player because your rank doesn’t depend on you solely, it also depends on the team your playing with, and to be a decent player you just need to be passionate about the game or itself, not its ranks.

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